Ojai, CA, Post Office Tower

One of my favorite postal images: the tower of the Ojai, California, post office. The tower owes its existence to two men. Edward Libbey, owner of Libbey Glass, first visited Ojai in 1908. He eventually had a home built, and persuaded the city that it needed a cohesive architectural vision, which he would supply. He hired San Diego architect Richard S. Requa (1881-1941), who designed a Spanish-style arcade that would enclose the shops on Ojai Avenue, and include a campanile — a free-standing bell tower — that drew its inspiration from the campanile of the cathedral in Havana, Cuba, and from the Havana Post Office. Libbey paid the tab for design and construction; the post office tower was built in 1916, and today, it is an Ojai landmark.

Requa’s inspiration: the cathedral in Havana, with its campanile…

… and the post office in Havana, circa 1920.


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