Chicago, IL

The dome on this Chicago post office was so famous…

…it scored its own postcard.

Of Chicago’s many post offices, this one (1904-1932) is my favorite. Henry Ives Cobb designed it. I see locomotives going off in several directions, or perhaps two different buildings, one on top of the other, with a dome on top. Perhaps it was inspired by a layer-cake or a sundae.


3 thoughts on “Chicago, IL

  1. Hi,

    We put out anewsletter about cigar box labels periodically. I am working on Issue 8 right now. While researching the old Chicago Post office, I happened upon your great picture of its dome. May I please use the picture for a story in my newsletter? Please let me know. I am looking at a November deadline.

    Thank you,
    Mury for InStone, Inc.

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