Allegheny, PA

The city of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, no longer exists, having been annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907. But miracle of miracles, this post office survives. The Italian Renaissance building, designed by William Aiken, opened in 1897 as the main post office for Allegheny and was saved from destruction by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. It is listed with the National Register of Historic Places, and its four-story, copper domed rotunda stands over the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, recognized as a regional asset for its adaptive use of historic property.

PO Allegheny PA


One thought on “Allegheny, PA

  1. I have this postcard. Published by the H.A. Schafer News Co. PM May 25, 1907 from Allegheny, PA to Santa Ana, Cal, May 29,1907.Card No.1604.
    This is a great card. Lots of history. Interesting to know that it no longer exists. Thanks for sharing this bit of news..

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