New York City, NY


The old New York City post office, on Broadway, magnificently impractical, a Second Empire design by Alfred P. Mullett, whose tenure as Supervising Architect led him to overwork, broken health, an unsuccessful lawsuit against the government, and suicide.

Of Mullett’s larger works, only his post office in St. Louis survives him. There are scores of views of this New York post office; I love the one above for the color of the sky and the curious gentleman in the lower left-hand corner. And below, a drawing of the original excavation work…


Below, a charcoal drawing by Joseph Pennell (1857-1926):

PO New York Joseph Pennell

Click here to see a reproducing postcard of this post office.


Above and below, the post office in faux wood frames.

PO New York NY Framed

And below, a view of the back of the post office showing the loading area.

PO NYC Back 2


Image of the New York post office used as cigar box art, 1876, from the digital collection of the New York Public Library.


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