Sioux City, IA


Built in 1897 from designs by architects Jeremiah O’Rourke and William Martin Aiken, this post office is today the city hall of Sioux City, Iowa. The post office moved to a new building in 1933; the building was partially demolished in 1995, but remnants, including the tower, were incorporated into the new city hall.

PO Sioux City IA

San Angelo, TX


Completed in 1911, this former U.S. Federal Courthouse and Post Office is today the O. C. Fisher Federal Building. Neither the card nor the building are particularly inspiring, but I did live in San Angelo, Texas, for a short time in 1969, and this card reminds me of how short all the trees were, how the heat and dryness stunted just about everything. If I had not managed to find a copy of John Jake’s “Brak the Barbarian” at a grocery store, and the liquor stores on the edge of town (just over the line on land bought by the town fathers just before they voted the town dry), I might not have survived the experience. The trees, by the way,shown here in 1933, are almost to the top of the building now. I give them credit for trying.

Seattle, WA


In Seattle, Washington, snow began to fall on the morning of January 31, 1916, and by February 2nd, the city had more than three feet to deal with. Shown is the Seattle post office. Not shown is the dome of Seattle’s St. James Cathedral which, under 15 tons of wet snow, collapsed and crashed 120 feet into the nave below. Fortunately, it wasn’t Sunday.