Benito, French Congo

What is today Equatorial Guinea was known as the French Congo from 1891 to 1910. The Benito is a river, known locally as the Mbini River, and I’m assuming this post office was in the town of Benito, probably today’s town of Mbini, at the mouth of the river. In the center of the car is a man in a suit, who has taken his large, light-colored hat off for the photograph. I assume he’s the postmaster. Also of interest, the Benito River is one of the few habitats for the Goliath Frog, none of which appear on this postcard.


One thought on “Benito, French Congo

  1. This postcard does not say that this is (la) poste = post office, but (le) poste which means in French the (military or administrative) station.

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