Wampsville, NY

Be it ever so humble…


3 thoughts on “Wampsville, NY

  1. Hi, Kihm! My great-grandparents had the proverbial old country store in Wampsville, and I have a few memories of going there with my mom before it was, sadly, torn down. Strike one for progress. My great-uncle, who died before I was born, had been mayor of Wampsville — you may remember that I’m from Oneida — and there is even a road named for him. That old store, which hadn’t been in business for quite a while as I recall, was full of marvels, only a few of which I thought to ask for: you would have loved it, Kihm. I had some beautiful sheet music, similar to what I’ve seen at estate sales fetching quite the pretty penny. The I-hope-very- temporary post office couldn’t have held a candle to the store!

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