Egypt, MA

PO Egypt MA

The post office in Egypt, Massachusetts, home of Dreamworld, the $3,000,000 farm and home of Thomas W. Lawson, a market manipulator who specialized in copper mining stocks, enriching himself while impoverishing his investors. Remnants of his estate can today be found in Scituate. Below, Lawson at work:



2 thoughts on “Egypt, MA

  1. The Post Office is now the Egypt Country Store a.k.a. the “Postie” and was founded over a hundred years ago, at the turn of the 20th century. It is located in the Egypt section of Scituate. When it first opened, the store operated out of the front room of a private home near the Egypt Railroad Station. The news, mail and tobacco business soon outgrew the parlor room and the store moved to its permanent location at the Egypt Post Office across from the Greenbush line’s former Egypt Station.

    To this day, the Egypt Country Store sits at the junction of Curtis Street, Lawson and Captain Pierce Roads. In the early 1900’s, this was a bustling hub of activity. Egypt Railroad Station was across the street, and the gateway of the Lawson estate was next door. During the winter holidays, the Massachusetts legislature would ride the Greenbush line to Egypt Station and have their cards and letters stamped from Egypt, MA. All of this combined to make the store a popular gathering place as locals and travelers picked up their mail and necessaries.

    Although the Post Office was closed in the 1960’s due to the low volume of mail the ‘Postie’ has continued to thrive and still serves as a gathering place for locals today.

    We make fresh fudge on the premises and have shelf after shelf of bin candies and sweet offerings, gifts, seasonal decorations convenience groceries and catering concessions. It continues to be a working store headed into its second century, and is today what it always has been, the first stop in the morning before work and the last stop at night before home.

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