Tacoma, WA

PO Tacoma WA

This post office is in on a pass. It’s not a great building, it’s not even the front of the post office; we’re looking at the loading dock. But, in a stroke of genius, someone decided the shot with the milk truck was the one to print. What style!

Erie, PA

PO Erie PA Ugly 1

When I saw this fabulously ugly tinted postcard of the post office in Erie, Pennsylvania, my heart went out to the original building. Surely there was a more flattering photo, a likeness that might do it justice. That led to the original black & white photograph (below), where at least the tree has not been chopped off so abruptly.

PO Erie PA Ugly 2

But the bare trees and telephone poles were hardly enhancing the architecture. Built in 1888 under the supervision of Mifflin E. Bell (and demolished in 1937), this post office deserved better.

PO Erie PA 3

With some trees in leaf and a well-considered angle, its finer qualities could emerge.

PO Erie PA 4

Even better, what could be more flattering than moonlight?

PO Erie PA

I know I feel better now.