Clintondale, NY

PO Clintondale NY

3 thoughts on “Clintondale, NY

  1. Hey guys I grew up in that little town many many years ago and moved away many years ago so my recollection could well be a little fuzzy. The pic eerily resembles the IGA Store that occupied the bottom two floors with apartments on the top floor. Behind the IGA was the old Grange Hall building. I can still remember the weekend square dance gatherings. Now to the left of the store and across that parking lot was the Clintondale Methodist Church.

    Like I said, it’s been many years since I moved away so recollections are indeed suspect. To give you an idea how long ago I grew up in that area I first years in grade school were spent at the Clintondale/Highland School located at the corner of South & Mill Streets and attended Sunday School at the Friends Church on Basket Street. Cheers

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