Cairo, Egypt

Scribes Cairo

What I love about this postcard is that it’s not of the post office itself, but of the stalls or booths of the scribes who would write the letters and documents that others could not, prior to their being mailed.

PO Cairo

And here’s an image of the post office itself, the domed building in the foreground, today the home of Egypt’s Postal Museum. The castle-like structure behind it is the headquarters of the Cairo Fire Brigade. Both buildings are on Al-Ataba Square.

Toronto, Ontario

PO Toronto

When I saw this lovely, but cramped, photo of the Toronto, Ontario, post office, I yearned to see more, and hunted up the one below…

PO Toronto 2

… which gives us a little more perspective. I love the roof-line. And Toronto was so big it had a post office in West Toronto, too:

PO West Toronto