Tyler, TX


Tyler, Texas, was named for President John Tyler who supported the admission of Texas to the United States, and the town is best noted as the hometown of Dooley Wilson who played Sam in Casablanca. This postcard image shows the Tyler post office in 1910, with its awnings shading the postal clerks from the Texas sun; by 1947, this building had been replaced by a box.

East Sioux Falls, SD


East Sioux Falls, home to this humble post office, is today a ghost town, but once was a spot where much store was set by the way you wore your hat. The short-lived town, linked to the rapid rise and demise of a local quarry, was set in Minnehaha County, named for the heroine of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem, “The Song of Hiawatha” (1855).

The Perils of Mail by Boat


Before Route 9 was completed on the west shore of Lake George, the mail traveled by boat. Shown on a Jesse Sumner Wooley postcard, the steamboat Sagamore is settled near the shore after hitting a rock in July, 1927. But we can heave a sigh of relief because on this card mailed that week from Silver Bay, N.Y., Arlene Stevens wrote, ” Dear Mother, This is the boat that my cake was on but am so glad they saved the mail.”

Aiken, SC


This Palladian post office was built in 1912, designed to fit into a corner of the main square of this South Carolina town long associated with horses in general and polo ponies in particular. The building is said to be lovely inside as well as outside, with 16-foot ceilings and woodwork of solid oak. Today, it’s home to a photographer’s studio.