Weaverville, CA


An almost magical street and post office in the California mountain town of Weaverville, circa 1916. Founded in 1850 during the Gold Rush, Weaverville was once home to about 2,000 Chinese miners, and had its own Chinatown. Today, the town is the home of California’s oldest continuously used Chinese temple, the Joss House (also called “The Temple of the Forest Beneath the Clouds”), a Taoist temple built in 1874. Novelist James Hilton, author of Lost Horizon, once said that Weaverville reminded him of his fictional creation, Shangri-La.

PO Weaverville CA 2

And here is a photo of the “Famed Circular Stairway” at the post office, taken in the 1940s…

PO Weaverville CA 3

…the post office in winter…

PO Weaverville CA 5

….and the 1916 postcard with a caption.