Columbus, NM

PO Columbus NM

On March 9, 1916, on the orders of Mexican revolutionary leader Francisco “Pancho” Villa, 500 men crossed the border into the United States and attacked Columbus, New Mexico, which was garrisoned by a detachment of the 13th Cavalry Regiment. Villa’s army burned part of the town, killed 8 soldiers and 10 residents, and looted the post office, as shown on the postcard above.

Plymouth, VT


In the summer of 1927, when President Calvin Coolidge vacationed in the Black Hills of South Dakota, his planned two-week stay stretched into three months. Shown above, beneath a stuffed owl, the Governor of Vermont, John Eliakim Weeks, mails the President a giant letter from the Plymouth, Vermont, post office. Plymouth was Coolidge’s birthplace and became his final resting place as well. Below, exterior views of the post office, complete with a dog who seems intent upon accompanying the mail.


PO Plymouth VT